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PS Pet Tags Made in UK

PS Pet Tag Information

The next generation of Pet ID Tags has landed! We are constantly updating all things human, so why shouldn't the same apply to our pets. With 100's of designs and room for lots of text, PS Pet Tags are the tags for a 21st Century Pet! We offer 2 different types of Pet Tags.  Firstly, we have a huge range of funky traditional 'dangly' ID Tags. All of our traditional Pet ID Tags come with a FREE split ring to attach to your pet's collar. We use a different system to the traditional engraved pet tags and as such we can be a lot more flexible with the amount of custom text you have on your tag. Our tags are a lot brighter than engraved pet id tags as the black text on a white background really helps the text to stand out. With the standard engraved Pet Tags you have to hold the ID Tag very close to be able to read the details. With PS Pet Tags, this is not a problem. The bold black text can be read easily from a distance.

Secondly, we have our exclusively designed Collar Tags. Our dog collar tags are suitable for single thickness nylon pet collars with either a ‘Snap Type’ or a ‘Belt Buckle Type’ closure and make excellent agility dog tags. We call them Collar Tags as they have been especially designed to fit comfortably and flatly against the curve of your pet’s neck.

All of our dog dog tags and cat tags are made to order in the UK with love & care. We take great pride in offering unique and high quality products.


All our Pet Tags are designed & manufactured by us right here in the UK. We are very helpful here at PS Pet Tags and if you have a particular requirement we would be more than happy to help you with this. Just drop us a quick email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do you make your tags?

We utilise the latest in technology which enables the image to penetrate the pet tag surface so that a permanent, full colour image is formed. Our dog tags come out bright and vivid, are a real eye-catcher and they really do stand out from the crowd. All of our pet ID tags feature smooth edges which are mirror polished & nickel plated and made from strong metal alloy. The centre of our tags are coated with a special anti-scratch coating that fuses images & text permanently to the pet tag. This coating has a 'matt' finish. We have years of experience in the Pet Tag trade and have used this experience to create some of the most fun AND durable tags around. Our Tags are great for outdoor use while still being light enough to be comfortable for your pet. They are extremely hardwearing & durable and can take pretty much everything a dog may throw at it! Take a look at our videos for confirmation of this!

We make our Pet Tags for dogs & cats to order in our workshop in Devon, England.

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

We work hard to produce the highest quality products, however, now & again defects may happen during manufacture. If the text on your tag should ever become unreadable we will replace your tag free of charge. Our Guarantee DOES NOT cover general wearing of the tag and any other circumstances other than the tag becoming illegible. Our guarantee does not cover illegible tags which are as a result of being chewed by a pet or any wear deemed excessive or beyond standard usage of a pet tag.

How much custom text can I fit on my tag?

Due to the process we use when making our pet tags, we can be a lot more flexible with the amount of custom text placed on the dog tag than those selling engraved pet tags. The maximum characters per line is 25 (including spaces). Obviously, the more characters you require, the smaller the text will be. Please don't fret though, we would never send a pet ID tag out that cannot be read clearly. The black text on a white background helps the text to really stand out.

Do you have anymore information?

•All of our traditional pet tag designs are available in 2 sizes: Small & Large.  Our Small Dog Tags measure  15/16" (2.4 cm) in Diameter, whilst our Large Pet Tags measure 1 1/4" (3.2 cm) In Diameter. Our Cat Tags are available in our smaller sized tag as this is just puurrfect for our feline friends!

• Our Tags for Collars are available to fit 3 different collar width sizes: 15mm, 20mm & 25 mm.

• The colour is deeply & permanently embedded directly into the dog tag surface meaning the pet tags will not fade & become eligible,

• They are 100% waterproof,

• All of our traditional pet ID tags come complete with a split ring to attach straight to any collar, 4 lines of text and a cool design,

• We have 100's of designs from National Flags & Breed Specific to Medical & I'm Chipped.

Why Should My Pet Wear An Identification Tag?

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar or tag with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner on it. A telephone number is optional but advisable. Owners can be fined up to £5,000 if their dog does not wear an identification tag.

It is a sad fact that thousands of pets go missing every year and can not be returned to their owner due to the fact that they have no form of identification. As animals cannot speak for themselves, it is extremely important for a loving and caring owner to know that they are properly identified so that if the situation arose, when the animal is found, they can be returned to their pleased owner as quickly as possible.

The need for any pet to wear a Pet ID tag is clear but why only see them as informative, why not see them as fashion accessory and a bit of fun? PS Pet Tags is here to provide funky, cool & long lasting pet tags. These dog tags really are eye catching and so much more fun that the normal engraved pet tags.

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