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PS Pet Tags vs Traditional Engraved Disc


PS Pet Tags vs Traditional Engraved Disc.....A totally bias opinion!


PS Pet Tags

Call Mum Before She Freaks ID Tag for Dogs

Dogs are fun right?! They make us laugh, make us smile. We buy fun collars for them, buy fun toys for them, Cute beds for them to sleep in. We play with them, they keep us young.

Well this it what we had in mind when we started the site all those years ago.

PS Pet Tags are FUN. But we did not compromise on safety either. PS Pet Tags are fully functional and fun too.

Traditional Engraved Disc

Well everyone has seen them at one time in there life. Fun is not a word that could be associated with them. Some of the more witty owners have a good go in the engraving process, but the message is attached to a dull product and often doesn't get across.


PS Pet Tags

Love Not War Dog Dog Tag

Bright and colorful, the message of the tag comes across from a distance. The message is clear, i love my dog, i know there personally and i embrace it. 

Traditional Engraved Disc

Again these are lacking in the colour category, Sliver and brass is often the choices available. There is a whole rainbow of colors out there, though these only take advantage of grey and orange.


PS Pet Tags

Tested to the extreme, just see the video below...

Rub one on concrete and the text will still be clear, due to the super strong, anti scratch coating applied to the surface. these do not compromise durability for there querkyness and can handle whatever your dogs lifestyle is and still be functional.

Traditional Engraved Disc

Some deeply engraved discs perform well in this category, although they did scratch badly when tested. The text was still fairly clear. Other laser or shallow engraved discs do not test well. Rub one on a concrete floor as your dog might do while scratching and itch and you'll see the text becomes faded and unreadable. This is due to the edges created in the engraving process. The edges forming the letters become the discs weak point and crumble on contact with uneven surfaces.


PS Pet Tags

Still Got The Urge Dog Dog Tag

This is what it's all about, getting across to other people your dogs personality. PS Pet Tags have 700+ tags all exclusive designs, one will match your dogs personality. We have the tag for your dog right here. And if not you can create your own design and we will make your fully customize pet tag for you.

Traditional Engraved Disc

Again lacking in any personality, these discs are the saloon to PS Pet Tags hyper car.


PS Pet Tags

I Have Diabetes Tag for Dogs

Clear as day, the custom text at the rear is black on white. This is the best there is in terms of contrast for clear text. That is why books have a white background and black text, it is also why word processing computer programs use the same setup. I want to know that should my beloved pet become lost and frightened then there is the best possibility of someone reading the tags information and contacting me should they not be able to get close enough to touch.

Traditional Engraved Disc

As the text is created with the same material as the disc itself, these tags are relying on the shadow created in the engraving process for the text to be readable. This makes them impossible to read at a distance. Some do in-fill the text with a resin. This does make the text stand out better but often falls out over time.


So you can get a traditional engraved disc that will perform in regards to getting your pet returned should they become lost. But this does rely on the person who finds them being able to get up close to read the tag. And it also relies on you purchasing a deeply engraved disc.

But why should a pet tag be just this, why cant the tag out perform in regards to identification and also show off a part of your pets personality in the process. If someone finds your dog wearing a PS Pet Tag they are going to know how much they mean to you and how worried you are right know.

Not to mention having the ability to display any medical conditions clear and from a distance could save your pets life.

Lets imagine a scenario. This scenario is the reason PS Pet Tags was first created as we had a pet with a medical condition and wanted that clearly portrayed on his tag. Someone finds a dog loose, the dog is clearly showing signs of distress and will not be approached within 3m without bolting. The person trying to catch the dog and call it's owners is not aware that said dog has IBD and so should not be fed anything but his specified diet. This person then puts out some food for the dog to entice it. The damage is done. If said dog was wearing a medical tag from PS Pet Tags, the message I HAVE IBD or PLEASE DO NOT FEED, would be clearly visible around their neck.

Having created our product and developed it further over the years, this is my fully bias opinion. I love our product, it was created for our own pet because I saw that dog id tags had not evolved for so long and could be so much more.

I hope you guys like them as much as me!

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