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Top 10 Dog Facts That Are Barking Mad!


top 10 dog facts that are barking mad

Here are some strange but realistic facts that you wouldn't believe were true about your dog.

1. Everybody loves puppies but did you know that in the space of just 6 years, if never spayed or neutered then your dog is completely capable of producing 66,000 pups in this time.

2. It get's more shocking! it's proven that dogs and wolves can mate with each other, producing offspring, able to reproduce again.

3. Most dogs have the intelligence of a 2 year-old human. They can store up to 250 words in their head and remember them including gestures and are even clever enough to solve simple calculations.

4. In the past, dogs situated in Russia have figured out how to transport themselves on the Subway as an easier source of travel to find food. High paw to that!

5. Previously in Afghanistan, 50 soldiers in total from America were rescued by just 2 dogs! Only 2! They were later on escorted back to the soldiers to be reunited with pride.

6. In one of the songs written by the Beetles named ''A day In The Life'' contains a noise so high pitched that it can only be heard by dogs. This was for the personal enjoyment of one of the band member's, Paul McCartney's dogs.

7. An ex-fighting dog owned by Michael Vick became a doggy therapist for the comfort of life- limited children. Pawsome!

8. A dog's scent is so strong that it can even sniff out disease.

9. It's said that your pooch can even detect an upcoming storm or bad weather. Get your umbrella out before it starts pawing with rain!

10. And finally..the big one! The Basenji. The only dog in the world that literally can't bark but only yodel. 

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