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PS Pet Tags Not Like The Others


So what are PS Pet Tags like?

We started selling picture pet tags 5 years ago, over these 5 years we have been making periodic updates to our product, based on our customers feedback.

This has lead us to our current pet tags (the mark3).

Our aim was to created a product that is more durable than a traditional engraved tag but also has all the attributes that make them a personal accessory for your dog.

To do this we are required to know what dogs are like, their personalities. Luck was on our side as one of the founders of PS Pet Tags just happens to be dog mad and a qualified canine behavior specialist. His recognition of dogs personality traits gave us the inventory of tags to accommodate most, if not all pet personalities.

So we have the "personal" part covered. If you would like to know if we achieved the "durable" part of the plan, please take a look at this video!

Unlike others, our pet tags will not fade over time. We have so much faith in them that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee, so should the text on your tag ever become illegible, we will replace it!

Our tags are not stickers! They are made from real metal. the centre of which (front and back) has a special scratch resistant image of your choosing. This image is embedded into the surface of the tag, it is not an overlay (sticker).

PS Pet Tags are 100% Waterproof!

Each tag has a focus or theme if you like. The design relates to this theme, whether it be funny, cute, cartoon, medical, pattern, movie etc.

We want our tags to look great from a distance, so we make our designs clear and bold so they really pop.

This makes a PS Pet Tag a real eye catcher, the designs are visible at quite a distance.

As with all PS Pet Tags the personalised text on the back is embedded within the tags surface like the design, this is not totally unlike the traditional engraving method. Our products are image engraved dog id tags.

This is much better than traditional engraving because the text does not wear off or become faint. Also the text is much clearer because it is black on a white background and so is visible at a distance.

Should your pet become lost and feel unconformable in doing so, people will be able to read the information to contact you without having to handle the dog.

If that wasn't enough here is a list of what you get when buying our dog id tags...

As stated above, our tags come with a lifetime guarantee so should the text ever become illegible, we will replace the tag free of charge.

Personalising (engraving) your tag is free! Just enter the details you require and we will have them put into the rear of your tag for you at no extra charge.

PS Pet Tags currently offers Free Worldwide Shipping on all tags. 

And to top it off, with each tag purchased you will receive a free splitting attachment. 

So your purchase truly does come with everything required to be fully functioning.

Want a dog id tag that is functional, strong and personal. Give a PS Pet Tags a go. You wont go back!

lifetime guarantee

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lifetime guarantee