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Why I Love My Pooch!


For a week, I came to PS Pet Tags for my work experience and was asked to write a blog of a teenage perspective on what it's like to have a dog in the family and the type of things I have to come up against each day with my pet.

A new puppy! It's a pain. A cute face. A home-wrecker, but most of all a life-long friend!

A new fury friend around the house is a lot of fun and hard work at the same time. Having the daily tug of war with your shoe. Knocking over the bowl of water or tripping over the dog toys scattered around the house. However, you realise that now you have this love hate bond with your new canine pal, he's here to stay, even if he does use your shoe as a chew toy!

Now, you can't forget those endless walkies day after day. Being dragged across the pavement every time your dog sees another one of his kind, and worst of all, the picking up of the poo! In the pouring rain, completely drenched..but the pooch.. just a stinky wet ball of fur. Don't even get me started on them drying themselves off as soon as they get through the front door. Bounding down the hallway, shaking water off all over you. Pouncing on the furniture, spreading the lovely scent of wet dog. How can you not just adore all this?!

But the worst thing! The absolute worrrst thing that my dog has ever done is deciding to take himself home on a walk. Yep, just a normal walk in the park and all of a sudden he shoots up the woodland in the wag of a tail. I yell to get him back with his favourite treats, but no! He just tilts his head and runs even further and till he's back in our driveway. I did not have the slightest bark of a clue where he would be, so I run as fast as I can and find out from a stranger that he was bounding his way up the main road. When I got to our gate at the top of the road, there he was, all chuffed with himself and I could see in his eyes that he was like, 'Yay I'm home!' Happy days! I do luurve my pooch.

On the other paw, if i don't like my dinner, I can just dump it under the table and they can just eat the lot and no human shall suspect a thing.

I'm not one for exercise! I'd rather just sit in doors, but now we've got our puppy, I'm made to walk him and hey, it's not too bad!

They're great company to! When I decide to stay at home on my own, I've got him there with me. They're great company..even if I do have to help in taking care of the mut.

During the week, when it's back to school, I'm always greeted by my pooch when I get through the door at the end of the day he basically attempts to jump into my arms when I'm trying to un-do my coat and he's always happy to see me!

Looking over all this, sure all of this can be a pain in the doggy back side but it's all worth the chews and barks when you can cuddle up with your fluffy friend with lots of licks. A dog is a friend from the heart. He'll follow you every where and at the end of the day when it's time for all those doggy dreams he'll curl up on the end of your bed all because he loves you so very much just like I love him!

We all love having him in the house. Even when I do complain, I love him really. When I'm having a bad day, I've always got the dog there for cuddles and he loves it just as much as I do.I can tell because he sticks his tongue out to lick my face and looks up at me with those cute little eyes. I love my dog and he loves me right back! 

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