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Rescue Dog ID Tags

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We have a special collection of pet tags for rescue dogs, which celebrate their journey from the pound to their forever home. These tags feature heartwarming phrases like "I found my forever home", "Adopted and adored", "Rescued is my favourite breed" and more. These tags are perfect for showing your love and gratitude to your furry friend who has overcome so much.

All our pet id tags come with personalised text on the back, where you can add your contact details in case your dog gets lost or wanders off. You can also include any medical or dietary information that might be important for your dog's safety. You can choose from two sizes: small (25mm) or large (38mm), depending on your dog's size and preference.

Our tags are made from strong, durable and waterproof materials that will last for years. They are also easy to attach to your dog's collar with a split ring that comes with every order. You can order online with our secure payment system and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders.

PS Pet Tags are more than just tags for dogs - they are a way of expressing your love for your furry friend and making them stand out from the crowd. Order yours today and see why thousands of happy customers trust us with their pet id needs.

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