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Ideas For Puppy Names

Ideas For Kitten, Cat , Puppy & Dog Names

Here at PS Pet Tags we are always hearing of great dog names or cat names that makes us think ' I wish I had thought of that!' So, to help you with the mission of finding the best name for your new pet we have compiled a list of some of the best names we have heard along the way!


Appearance - Does your dog or cat have a very distintive feature that could help decide upon their name? The, perhaps a name based on their looks would be good.

Almond Amaretto Amber Apricot Badger Cherry Diamond
Cookie Fudge Indigo Marbles Bear Beauty Big
Blackie Blanco Blaze Cider Crumbs Goldie Ivory
Wolf Whitey Twinkle Toffee Tiny Tinkerbell Tawny
Sweep Sunny Storm Spotty Snowy Rain Mango
Magnum Honey Ebony Ebby Dusty Custard Coco
Charcoal Champes Chalky Cadbury Brownie Blue Blossom


Affectionate - Does your dog or cat enjoy cuddles & kisses and just loves to show you how much they love you? Then, choosing from our list of affectionate  dog names would be great.

Amore Angel Baby Beau Bubbles Buttercup Cuddles
Cutie Glory Halo Lucky Peace Snuggles Star
Sparkles Teddy Sweetie Sweets Huggy Babycakes Pretty


Arts - perhaps you are a huge fan of the theatre? Take inspiration from the Arts when choosing dog names!

Shakespeare Atticus Beowulf Aragon Babar Biggles Bilbo
Bodger Bronte Dante Dickens Dracula Frodo Gandalf
Gatsby Gollum Homer Bart Marge Macbeth Hamlet
Mr Darcy Miss Havisham Romeo Juliet Sherlock Toad Pip
Othello Holmes Fagin Dr Watson Moll Flanders Billy Bunter Moby


Cars - Are you a petrol head? There are lots of dog names focused around the Motor Industry!

Audi Beemer Beetle Mini Bentley Ford Chevy
Dodge Harley Jepp Ferrari Aston Martin Mazda
Triumph Yamaha Honda Bugatti Hummer Lexus Porsche


Drinks - Do you have a favourite tipple?! Why not name your new dog after this?!

Bacardi Bourbon Brandy Bud Chianti Cider Coke
Cognac Pepsi Espresso Gin Tonic Guinness Heineken
JD Latte Mocha Magnum Martini Moet Rum
Sambuca Spritzer Vodka Coffee Lemon Lime Cappuccino


Food - Everyone has a favourite food. Why not think of a food related name! Here are a few suggestions...

Bagel Basil Beans Ben Jerry Biscuit Brie
Brownie Caramel Cashew Casserole Chilli Chips Donut
Doritos Eggs Ham Honey Hotdog Mustard Nacho
Nuts OJ Oreo Kit-Kat Mars Snickers Twix
Pretzel Popcorn Ribeye Sausage Mash Spud Potato
Sugar Spice Tbone Vanilla Cookie Dough Marmite


Film & TV - Where to start with Film & TV?! For starters, think of your favourite character as a child and go from there!

Ace Arnie Arnold Arthur Atticus Babe Baby
Baldric Batman Robin Beauty Beast Beethoven Benji
Bert Ernie Bogart Bonnie Clyde Bugsy Bundy
Buster Chewbacca Cosby Cujo Dean Duke Dudley
Einstein Elvis Freddie Mercury Priestley Priscilla Winnie
Piglet Eeyore Tigger Felix Oscar Minnie Mickey
Goofy Pluto Fonz Fraser Fred Barney Hogan
Jaws Jedi Jabba Kermit Kojak Lurch Maverick
Goose Mork Mindy Joey Mr T Mulder Scully
Phoebe Rambo Rocky Rusty Skywalker Woody Zorro
Wingman Nanook Lassie Donald Daisy Scooby Mr T


Personality - Does your dog's personality just shine through for all to see? Then naming them after these personality traits is a great idea.

Action Agro Angel Bad Bashful Bomber Boss
Butch Casanova Chaos Chase Chewy Crash Cyclone
Dash Detective Shadow Fortune Fox Growler Hurricane
Jester Jolly Kamikaze Magic Miss Chevious Monster Muscles
Nomad Nuts Peace Racer Rambler Rebel Rocket
Scamp Sassy Sly Sparkle Spice Tornado Trouble


Funny Titles - Make Your Pet The Poshest Around!

Baron Baroness Cadet Captain Chief Colonel Corporal
Count Detective Doctor Duke Duchess Earl Emperor
General Governor Highness Inspector Mayor Major Officer
Prince Princess Lord Lady Sir Dude Dudette

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