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The Rescue Centre Scheme

Rescue Centre Scheme

Rescue Centre Scheme

Here at PS Pet Tags, we think Rescue Centres do amazing work in helping to rescue & rehome abandoned animals. As such, we would like to introduce the Rescue Centre Scheme. We really would like to be able to support as many Rescue Centres as possible and help you save money where you can.

As you know, all dogs must wear a Pet ID Tag in public places. We know this is an expense you can ill afford. We would like to offer our Pet Tags to you at a very special price because we believe the work you are doing is so special.

As PS Pet Tags are a new & exciting brand of Dog ID Tag, we will design a special pet tag for your rescue animals using your own logo. In return, we only ask for you to place a link on your website to us and put a few posters/leaflets, etc. in your centre and at the shows you visit.

To join our scheme or for more information, please email us at:

We look forward to working with you!


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