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What Should I Put On My Pet ID Tags?

What Should I Put on My Pet ID Tag?

You've chosen your favourite Pet ID Tag here at PS Pet Tags and now you are thinking what should I put on my pet tag?

The Control of Dog Act 1992 states that a dog must have owners address & name on a pet tag or collar when out in a public place.

Always remember that pet tags are a way of communicating important information on your dogs’ behalf. If he was found by a stranger, what would you want him to say to them? It is best to think of your pet ID tag as peace of mind in case somehow you and your pet become separated.


This is where many dog owners differ. Some prefer to include the dogs name whereas some prefer to keep this private (some believe that giving the name of the dog can help thieves) and instead include only the family surname. Please bare in mind though The Control of Dogs Order 1992 quoted above.


As mentioned above the very least you should have is your house name/number & postcode. This is also beneficial if your dog is likely to roam the local neighbourhood. People would be able to bring you dog straight back to you without involving any vets or extra costs. Please always remember to update your address should you move.

Phone Numbers

It is best to always include an up to date phone number on the tag so that anyone that finds your dog can contact you immediately. Also bear in mind how contactable you will be on that number. Do you work in an environment which means you can’t look at your phone during the day? If so, it may be best to include the number of someone else, a family member for example, who will be contactable throughout the day. A landline & a mobile number is also advisable but again, please remember to update any numbers.

Optional Extras

If there is the space, always include any information that you think is worthwhile for the safety & security of your pet. Does he need medication; is he deaf; does he have food allergies? Information such as this could prove vital in a situation where your pet is in the hands of strangers. You may also wish to include that fact that your pet is chipped.

Below are a few different ideas for what to include on the lines of your Pet Tag you may have left over once you have covered the legalities:

Further Information:

Hi My Name Is I'm Chipped Microchipped Scan Me Home Number
Mobile Number Work Number Vets Name Vets Number Vets Fees Guaranteed
I'm Deaf Medication Needed Please Do Not Feed I Have A Special Diet Food Allergies
Hotel Details (If On Holiday) I'm Spayed/Neutered Reward If Found Keep Me On A Lead Cannot Be Bred

  Funny/Cute Suggestions:

Why not include something cute or funny?!

I'm Loved 100% Bitch Bed Warmer Couch Potato Daddy's Boy/Girl
My Mummy/Daddy Loves Me All Dog My Owner Is Single Free Love Mummy's Boy/Girl
If I'm Alone, I'm Lost I'm Friendly Beauty Queen Big Bark No Bite Trained Bodyguard
Please Help If I'm Alone Only Child Barking Mad Best Friend Free Kisses
Free Hugs Free Licks Got Treats?! Little Devil Leg Humper
Show Me The Treats Super Dog Talk To The Paw Lucky Mutt Lets Play
I Patrol... Help Me Home Please Call My Master How Cute Am I Woof Woof

  Here at PS Pet Tags, you can have up to 100 characters of personalised text so you have plenty of room to include both the legalities & something unique to your pet's personality and needs!

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